Servo Motor IR Remote Control

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Servo Motor IR Remote Control

Postby rwblinn » 08 Oct 2017, 18:30

This experiment moves a Little Crane arm (used some Lego parts) up and down via Infrared (IR) Remote Control (Key1=UP,Key2=DOWN).
When the arm moves, the Red LED lights else the Green LED is on.
The IR Remote Control key codes are depended on the Remote Control device. Initially test those via Log output in Sub Looper1.
The Servo Motor used is a Modelcraft Mini-Servo MC1811. The motor moves the arm between 10 and 90 degrees angle. Depending on the servo motor used, pressing multiple times the IR Remote Control button might be required to move the crane arm .
If the servo motor is not moving, its starts to jitter. To avoid jittering, the servo motor is detached and attached again when pressing a IR Remote Control Key. (there are various threads in the Arduino forums about this problem; tried several solutions where as detach and attach works best).

Parts Needed
• 1x Arduino MEGA
• 1x Mini-Servo Motor MC1811
• 1x LED Red
• 1x LED Green
• 2x Resitors 220 Ohm
• 1x Raspberry Pi 2B or 3

Arduino = MC1811
GND = GND (Black)
5v = VCC (Red)
10 = Signal (Brown)

Arduino = LED GREEN
GND = GND (Black
6 = Signal (Green)
Note: 220Ohm resistor between the LED and Arduino

Arduino = LED RED
GND = GND (Black)
5 = Signal (Orange)
Note: 220Ohm resistor between the LED and Arduino



Download Source Code
Note Install IR Remote
From, copy IRremote.cpp, IRremote.h, IRremoteInt.h to rCore folder in the B4R internal libraries folder.


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