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The goal of numberX is to build a LEGO ® module to generate and display a random number within a given range.
Usage example for playing games requiring random number (instead of dices).
By pressing the big square push-button on the front once, a random number is generated - takes 4 seconds.
Powered by an Arduino UNO, controlled by B4R.



Generate Integer Random Number by a push-button
Show the random number, while generating and the final number, in the middle of the 2 displays
Set the min / max number range via push-buttons up / down
Show the number range on the left and right 4 digit display

Creation Rules

Use as microcontroller the Arduino UNO
Use standard LEGO bricks
Minimize LEGO brick modifications (holes made for push-buttons only)
LEGO Case with modular components (easy to enhance)
Build code with B4R


Build to test the module functionality developed with B4R.
An RGB LED is used which changes color while the number is generated.
Final Module: taken out based on user feedback as light is annoying.
The number is generated by holding down the push-button.
Final Module: taken out as users want to push once and then wait 3-4 secs for the generated number.
The display information shows the generated number on the left and the min-/max-range on the right.
Final Module: generated number displayed in the middle. Min-/max range left and right, only showed when a min-/max-push-button is pressed.


Download B4R Source Code

Hardware Parts (approx cost €)

1x Arduino UNO (8 €)
1x 8 digit 7-segment display (2 * 4 digits) with a MAX7219 display driver (2 €)
1x Square Push-Button (2 €)
4x Micro Push-Button (3 €)
In addition for the prototype: 1x RGB LED (0.5 €), 3x Resistors 220 Ohm (0.5 €), Breadboard (2 €)
LEGO bricks [LEGO is a trademark of the LEGO Group] (10 €)


Arduino IDE 1.8.0 or higher
B4R 1.8.0 or higher


Arduino = Buttons (WireColors)
A0 = NumberX (yellow)
A1 = MinUp (green)
A2 = MinDown (brown)
A3 = MaxUp (yellow)
A4 = MaxDown (orange)

Arduino = 2 * 4 Digit 7-Segment Display (WireColors)
VCC = 5v (red)
GND = GND (black)
DIN = PWM 10 (blue)
CS = PWM 9 (green)
CLK = PWM 8 (white)

(Prototype only) Arduino = RGB LED (WireColors)
PWM 3 = R leg (pink)
PWM 5 = G leg (gray)
PWM 6 = B leg (white)
Note: 220Ohm resistors between the LED and Arduino


To-Do List
Ideas for any next version.

NEW:Potentiometer to set the number generation time. When changing, display the time on the right display.
UPD:Make the case bit more fancy, e.g. look like a red dice with white dots.
UPD:Larger display.


20170111: v1.1 - Update Random Generator using RndSeed (on a pin) before Rnd; Iterations 10 a 150ms.
20170107: v1.0
20170104: First prototype

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