News (20180425)

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News (20180425)

Postby rwblinn » 10 Oct 2017, 11:50

Look4How v0.90 with many enhancements (see change log).
Feature added to upload files via FTP using the new application Look4HowUploader (developed with B4J).
Decided NOT to look into alternatives for the JavaFX TextArea control = too much effort, external dependencies might cause issues, complex.

Explore Python 3. For learning purposes, building a Look4How viewer using Python GUI front end (Tkinter), running on a Raspberry Pi and Windows devices.

  • Using Visual Studio Code, a powerful editor with openHAB extension (and many more), to remote edit openHAB textual configuration files located on the Raspberry Pi server.
  • Installed Debian with Raspberry Pi Desktop on an old Sony vaio; nice alternative as been using Windows (up-to latest version 10) many years.
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