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News (20180120)

Postby rwblinn » 10 Oct 2017, 11:50

As an openHAB Beginner, my Home Automation Make Project is gaining momentum (learning's, PDF format, almost 100 pages).
It is replacing the Domoticz Home Automation solution, which has been completed. Now adding new features, to mention Philips Hue Bridge with Lights, Astro info, Raspberry Pi System Dashboard with triggers, MQTT messaging. Still going through a steep openHAB learning curve ... More things (speaking in openHAB terms) to come ...

Visual Studio Code with openHAB extension, is used to remote edit the openHAB configuration files.
Define the remote folder in Windows explorer (\\192.168.N.NN\openhab-conf), start VSCode and open the remote folder. The structure is listed and ready to create new or change configuration files.

Raspberry Pi Desktop
Installed Debian with Raspberry Pi Desktop on an old Sony vaio.
Quite interesting as have been using Windows (up-to latest version 10) for so many years ... lets see how this goes when using a bit more.

Example application SBrick control Lego Power Function running on a Raspberry Pi.
The application uses an SBrick. The communication between the Raspberry Pi and the SBrick is via Bluetooth. The ABMaterial Custom Component noUiSlider has been enhanced.

Homepage Migration
  • Registration is not enabled.Need to complete migration first.
  • Find a way to import the many B4J HowTos instead of adding manually. Workaround by generating the B4J HowTos from Look4How.
  • Develop a tool to create a booklet for a selected forum or topic.

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