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News (20180513)

Postby rwblinn » 13 May 2018, 15:39

New - Raspberry Pi B4J UI Applications with Liberica JDK
Still on my radar screen, was how to develop JavaFX applications running on the Raspberry Pi with B4J.
Have been experimenting with Gluon JavaFXports and the openJDK direct, but the output was not as expected and also had not seen any JDK updates.

An article in a German IT magazine, mentioned that Bellsoft developed Liberica JDK 10, based on the OpenJDK 10, for the Raspberry Pi 2 / 3. This information triggered me to review, if possible to run B4J UI applications with the Liberica JDK10 esp. using the 7" touchscreen connected to the Raspberry Pi.
The results are promising - read the tutorial .
Build some smaller helper apps to test - lets see how the developments of the OpenJDK will evolve.

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