TMP36 Logger [Serial, B4J]

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TMP36 Logger [Serial, B4J]

Postby rwblinn » 09 Oct 2017, 15:26

IoT Experiment to read the temperature from the sensor TMP36, which is connected to an Arduino UNO. The Arduino UNO is connected via serial port with a PC where the data is logged via a B4J application.

Read the temperature
Log the temperature

Download the B4J Project Source

Apr 05, 2016: First Version

Log the temperature values in a graph.
Log the temperature on a B4A application.

Additional Information

The temperature sensor TMP36 is placed with its 3 pins on a breadboard. Looking at the flat side of the sensor, the pins are connected:

Pin 1 (left) +5V
Pin 2 (middle) Analog 0 (A0)
Pin 3 (right) Ground (GND)

The Arduino UNO is connected with a PC via USB. The PC Port is COM4. The data is logged every 5 seconds on the Arduino and send to the serial line. The B4J application on the PC waits for data and when data received, it is being logged.

Lookup the Arduino Sketchbook and the B4J project code for details.

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