Make Project Home Automation (20180123)

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Make Project Home Automation (20180123)

Postby rwblinn » 31 Dec 2017, 17:32

openHAB Make Project Home Automation

To build a Home Automation solution, running on a Raspberry Pi with openHABian and openHAB2.

Whilst progressing, capturing my learning's (PDF format). Published also at the openHAB Community.

As an openHAB Beginner
  • The main goal is to learn openHABian & openHAB2.
  • Get a Home Automation solution up & running and extend.
  • There might be better solutions for things shared – but the solution works fine so far.
  • Getting motivated to develop more with openHAB.
  • Display temperature & humidity measured in living room, basement & garage.
  • Display weather information obtained from the OpenWeatherMap service.
  • Charts for selective items weather and room temperature & humidity.
  • Control Somfy roller shutters with RTS motors in living room and bed room.
  • Philips Hue Lighting System control via Hue Bridge for ZigBee devices.
  • Security door & window wireless contact detector
  • Power Consumption metering.
  • MQTT subscribe & publish messages to trigger actions or information.
  • Raspberry Pi system information with charts and threshold email notification.
  • Add more features whilst developing ...
Explore How To
  • Setup & configure openHABian & openHAB2.
  • Use the RFXCOM RFXtrx USB RF Transceiver (RFXtrx433E) for devices Temperature & Humidity, Wind (test only).
  • Security devices.
  • Use external services, i.e. OpenWeatherMap.
  • Use actions, i.e. MQTT.
  • Use bindings like MQTT, Astro, Hue.
  • Create advanced User Interfaces, i.e. HABPanel & Node-RED.
  • Setting up the Raspberry Pi, RFXCOM with connected devices, Somfy roller shutters and other devices. Use the Paper UI for Binding, Things, Channel configuration.
  • Create the Basic UI textual configuration files including rrd4j charts & MQTT.
  • Planned HABPanel & Node-RED (not included in this document)

(This is just an illustration with also some test items and not the latest picture, the UI has grown and grown ... )

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