Exploring Python 3

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Exploring Python 3

Postby rwblinn » 05 Apr 2018, 09:50

Exploring Python 3

Whilst exploring and making, the Raspberry Pi is one of the core devices (beside Arduino, ESP and other) I am using.
As part of the Raspberry Pi Operating System Raspian, the programming language Python as well as IDE's i.e. Thonny or Geany Programmer's Editor, are included.

The Raspberry Pi is also used for my openHAB Home Automation project.

For software development, been using over the last few years mainly B4X and Java.

Thought it's time to explore the Python programming language with focus on creating tools (helpers) and Raspberry Pi experiments (GPIO, sensors).
Python 3 is used as the present and future of the language (read in various threads, status April 2018).

Getting Started
Started learning by ...
The openHPI courses gave a very good introduction, esp. the Embedded SmartHome because working with GPIO and sensors.

I like to build and use GUI applications and therefor explored Python 3 GUI libraries. Decided to use:
  • Tk - Tk/Tcl windowing toolkit (Tkinter Python interface to Tk/Tcl, Tkinter.ttk Tk themed widgets, and more tix, scrolledtext) Included in the Python 3 package
  • guizero - Create simple GUIs, wrapper for the Tkinter library

Project Build | Pipeline
Please note that this list is work in progress.

Thank You...

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