News (20180429)

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News (20180429)

Postby rwblinn » 29 Apr 2018, 16:58

News 20180429

Look4How - my Knowledge Management Application
Updated to v0.92 (see change log).
Many new functionality and updates made. Few to mention: new dialog for editor font selection, clipboard history, all tools layout redesigned and functionality enhanced. New menus for settings, select items, go to ID.
Tested a lot ... and fixed bugs ... probably (hopefully) only a few buzzing around ...
Note: I am using Look4How not only to capture know how related to various, i.e. B4X, Node-RED, openHAB, Arduino, ESP and others but also for tools like color & font selection, task management.

B4J HowTos
Made updates across various categories and in addition, few new sample applications - mainly dialog classes.
Tested Liberica for Raspberry Pi (see B4J HowTo Category Raspberry Pi UI Liberica).
Worked fine on the Raspberry 3B+ with Stretch. Build small demo apps running in full screen.

JavaFX Roadmap
B4J is one of my core development tools. B4J uses JavaFX for the UI applications.
The Oracle White Paper Java Client Road Map Update Mar 2018 notes the JavaFX decoupling starting from JDK 11. See also response from Gluon...
Lets see how the future of JavaFX will evolve and what the impact on B4J might/could be ... for now I stick to the Java JDK 8.

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