TMP36 Temp [XBee, B4J]

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TMP36 Temp [XBee, B4J]

Postby rwblinn » 08 Oct 2017, 18:39

Read Analog Data from Temperature Sensor TMP36 and communicate via XBee.

Parts Needed
• 1x Arduino MEGA
• 1x Arduino XBee Shield (the Coordinator)
• 1x TMP36 Temperature Sensor
• 1x XBee Explorer USB to PC (the Router)

Arduino = TMP36 (looking at the flat side of the sensor from left to right)
5v = Pin 1 (left) (Red)
A0 = Pin 2 (middle) (Yellow)
GND = Pin 3 (right) (Black)


To set the XBee up, use the DIGI software XCTU: ... tware/xctu

XBee Coordinator
The XBee connected to the Arduino via the XBee Shield is configured as Coordinator.
(Configure this in XCTU, Port like COM4 as recognised by discovering XBees).
XBee Router
The XBee connected to the PC via the XBee Explorer USB is configured as Router.
(Configure this in XCTU, Port like COM5 as recognised by discovering XBees).
The communication mode is AT.

Arduino Uploading Programs (Sketches)
To be able to upload, the XBee must be in USB mode.
This is done by setting the jumpers to the outer side of the shield.
Unplug the USB cable or Power Supply prior changing the jumpers.
The software can be uploaded via the Arduino IDE or B4R.
XBee Mode
After uploading the software, take of the Arduino Power, change the jumpers to XBee mode (towards the inner side of the shield), and power up again.
The XBee is ready. The red LED is flasing.

Download Source Code

• Experiment is completed.


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